Retire with Security

During retirement, most people wish to be comfortable and carefree, with the independence and peace of mind only guaranteed security can bring. An earth-sheltered home from Davis Caves Construction can offer you exactly that and more! Energy Savings
Natural heating and cooling from the earth means lower energy bills... a 60-85% savings regardless of heating or cooling method!

Protection from Rising Fossil Fuel Costs
Especially beneficial to people on a fixed income. (Remember what natural gas and propane prices were 20 years ago? It's frightening to think how high they could rise if an oil embargo were in effect.)

Reduced Chances of Vandalism
With part of your home sheltered by the earth, vandalism opportunities are greatly reduced.

Protection from Natural Disasters
The reinforced structure of a Davis Caves home, along with the earth's natural protection, provides maximum security from fire, tornados, earthquakes, and other storms and disasters.

Minimal Maintenance
With an earth-sheltered home, you'll never have to re-roof or replace gutters, and the need for exterior painting and window upkeep is greatly reduced. (It's your home you can pass on to your family without passing on costly repairs.)

Elimination of Freezing
When vacationing, there is not need to run your heating system, because the pipes will never freeze. Without heat, any change in indoor temperature would literally be no more than a few degrees a month...and never drop below 50 degrees, even in the coldest environments. So even when you're home, if the heat goes out, you won't have to be concerned for your family, pets or plants.

A Davis Caves Earth-Sheltered Home, with its minimal maintenance requirements and low cost of living, is a home one can always remain in...even at the loss of a loved one.
If you really want to retire with security, choose an earth-sheltered home from Davis Caves!

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