Why Choose An Earth Sheltered Home
from Davis Caves Construction

Make a Positive Contribution

Reside in Safety

Minimize your Maintenance

Build an Original

Make a Positive Contribution

The need to protect and preserve the environment is becoming increasingly important. More and more environmentally-conscious people are building earth-sheltered homes from Davis Caves Construction...for many reasons. Energy Conservation
Natural heating and cooling form the earth create a valuable 60-85% savings on fossil fuel.

Limited Visual Impact
Blending with nature, earth-sheltered homes and buildings preserve the character of the land and become part of the natural landscape...promoting, rather than disturbing, wildlife.

Preservation of Greenspace
Building an earth-sheltered home allows the roof to remain as a park, plaza area, or someone's front yard, thus resulting in no loss of greenspace. In a broader sense, agricultural land as well as wilderness may be preserved.

Efficient Land Use
Sloping terrain that may otherwise be destroyed or unsuitable for conventional construction is easily utilized for an earth-sheltered home.

Environmental Benefits
Earth-sheltered homes and buildings, particularly in urban areas, not only enhance or improve the environment aesthetically, but can actually revitalize the natural landscape due to the increase of plant and animal habitat. According to a University of Minnesota study, water and air quality are also improved and the soil is enriched by allowing the natural ecological processes to occur within the boundries of a built environment.

Wood Conservation
Another advantage of an earth-sheltered structure is that its construction requirements save wood use. The entire structure of a Davis Caves home is made of concrete and other man-made materials. The concrete can be finished off to match any type of interior decor found in conventional homes.

Make a positive contribution...choose an earth-sheltered home from Davis Caves Construction!

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Reside in Safety

Safety for one's self and family is a major concern of most people. Taking household safety precautions, selecting a neighborhood carefully, and residing in an earth-sheltered home from Davis Caves Construction can provide the safest living space for you and your family. Protection from Natural Disasters
The reinforced structure of a Davis Caves home, along with the earth's natural protection, provides maximum protection from high winds, hail storms, tornados, and other natural disasters.

Earthquake Resistance
Because the amplitude of the vibration decreases with depth into the ground when distant from the epicenter of the quake, and because the home would not be shaken soley through its foundation, earthquake resistance is enhanced.

Fire Protection
The super-structure of Davis Caves Earth-Sheltered Home is constructed mainly of reinforced concrete, while the inside walls are built with 2 x 4 metal studs (instead of wood) and fire-resistant drywall. This combination keeps the house extremely fire-resistant. Consequently, in the rare event that interior furnishings should catch fire, the superstructure will not burn, thus less overall fire damage would be sustained. This fact, in most cases, has resulted in lower insurance rates.

Civil Defense
Many of the same characteristics of a Davis Caves Earth-Sheltered Home that provide protection from natural disasters can help safeguard occupants from man-made destruction or nuclear fallout.

Reduced Chances of Vandelism
With part of your home sheltered by the earth, vandalism opportunities are greatly reduced.

Elimination of Freezing
If the heat goes out in a Davis Caves Earth-Sheltered Home, you won't have to be concerned for your family's health because any change in indoor temperature would literally be no more than a few degrees a month...and never drop below 50 degrees, even in the coldest environments.

If you really want to reside in safety, choose an earth-sheltered home from Davis Caves Construction!

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Minimize your Maintenance
Many people prefer to spend their free time enjoying hobbies, engaging in recreation, or just relaxing instead of painting, cleaning gutters, and doing other homeowner maintenance and chores. That's another reason why earth-sheltered homes from Davis Caves Construction are gaining in popularity! Minimal Upkeep
With part of your home sheltered by the earth, exterior maintenance is greatly reduced.

No Roof or Gutter Repair or Replacement
Plus, earth-covered roofs can be planted with low-maintenance ground cover, or you can let the natural landscape take over.

Long-life Materials
Most people think of sidewalks, roads, and driveways when they think of concrete. Wide temperature variations and freeze-thaw cycles are the major causes of cracking in these concrete forms. But the temperature of the concrete in a Davis Caves Earth-Sheltered Home varies only a few degrees and is never exposed to these harsh conditions, so the structure will last many generations longer than a conventional home.

Protection from the Elements
Even without heat during the coldest months, the indoor temperature will drop only a few degrees a month...and never drop below 50 degrees. Thus, pipes and other plumbing will never freeze, and you won't have to worry about your family, pets or plants.

Reduced Life-cycle Costs
Due to reduced energy and maintenance costs and, in many cases, reduced insurance costs, earth-sheltered homes have been proven to have a lower life-cycle cost than a comparable conventional home.
Have a beautiful, well-kept home and minimize your maintenance...choose an earth-sheltered home from Davis Caves Construction!
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Build an Original

All the benefits of earth-sheltered homes and more...Davis Caves Construction offers you the "original idea" in a modern home that is time-tested, people-proven. The Originators
In 1976, the Davis family invented their first earth-sheltered home. The response from the press and the public was so great, while labeling it Davis "Cave", that by 1977 we started building nationwide. As people began equating the Davis "Cave" with excellence in earth-sheltered homes, we adopted the name and Davis Caves Construction was formed.

Endless Applications
The majority of our business is residential; however, we also build many earth-sheltered commercial buildings, offices, and churches. We have even built an earth-sheltered farrowing houses for the agricultural market.

Unlimited Decor and Style
An earth-sheltered home is in no way limiting...any decor or style that you would find in a conventional building can be incorporated into a Davis Caves Earth-Sheltered Home.

Adaptable Plans and Custom Designing
All of the plans shown in our design book can easily be adapted to fit your exact needs. Garages may be added or omitted from any design. You may choose to custom design your new home...if so, we have architectural and engineering services available.

Substantial Savings with Shell-Only Options
Since the finish work is conventional, you can realize a substantial savings by finishing all or part of the home yourself or with the help of local contractors. Our office will provide you or your contractor with guidelines and tips to help you complete your wonderful earth-sheltered home!

Turn-key Option
If you prefer, after the shell is constructed, our finish crew can complete your new home right down to the last detail.

The Leading Edge
As the nation's leader in earth-sheltered construction, we are always on the drawing board enhancing, improving and inventing. That's why a "Davis Cave" is the trademark of excellence in earth-sheltered construction and expertise.

Don't let the name "cave" fool you...an earth-sheltered home from Davis Caves Construction is bright, spacious and offers the upmost in comfort. So when you're ready to build...build an original!

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